TommyCard Elite Member Benefits

Let Us Reward You!


Earn Point on EveryVisit

Present your TommyCard Rewards key tag or card every time you service or make a qualified purchase at any TommyCar Auto dealership and start earning points for every dollar you spend.[1]

ELITE - 15%

Save Big Off Your NextPurchase

What is the best part of TommyCard Rewards? When it’s time to purchase your next vehicle, you can cash in your TommyCard Rewards up to $2,500 per vehicle. Your points are over and above any manufacturer’s discount or incentive and can be used as additional money down for qualified buyers. * [2]

ELITE - Upto $2,500


TommyCard Rewards customers purchasing or leasing a new or pre-owned vehicle at the time of enrollment will automatically receive Bonus Points.

ELITE - $50 In Points


All TommyCard Elite Rewards members will receive Bonus Points at the time of their membership activation.

ELITE - $50 In Points


Receive an additional $50 in Bonus Points when you purchase and install any set of four (4) new tires. This is in addition to the points you will earn for swiping your card while making a qualified purchase.

ELITE - $50 In Points


Earn Bonus Points when returning to the dealership for pre-paid maintenance service. Bonus only applies to services outlined in your vehicle’s maintenance contract.

ELITE - $50 In Points


If you have enjoyed your experience, please share it with a friend. Earn Bonus Points for each person that you refer to TommyCar Auto Group who purchases or leases a new or used vehicle. Must present completed referral forms to your sales consultant prior to purchasing a vehicle.

ELITE - $500 In Points


We're providing peace of mind on your newest investment. Elite members benefit by seeing coverage on some of the most important components of your vehicle, such as the engine, transmission, drive axle and more. See Details

ELITE - COMPLIMENTRAY // $100 Deductible


When you upgrade your membership to our Elite level membership, not only do you enjoy greater earnings in our service department and purchasing power in our sales department, you also receive these additional benefits.


Have a question? Need to book service? Call our concierge line to get started.

Need service? TommyCar Auto will drop off a service loaner to you to use while we service your vehicle, upon completion we’ll return your vehicle serviced and washed.[3]

Elite Rewards members can receive up to three complimentary synthetic oil change services during the lifetime of their membership. Call in advance to reserve your appointment.[4]

While you are visiting for your complimentary synthetic oil changes, you can request a complimentary tire rotation service for your vehicle. Simply mention this when booking your oil change service.[5]

While in for your complimentary synthetic oil changes, you can request a free set of windshield wiper blade replacements. Simply make this request when booking your oil change service.[6]

As an Elite Rewards member, you will receive one Platinum Detail on us. Redeem your Platinum Detail any time during your membership. Simply contact our Elite Level Concierge to book your appointment.[7]

As an Elite Rewards member, receive up to $100 towards your towing bill when repairs are done at any of our TommyCar locations.[8]

Our service department will provide you tire change over services both in the spring and fall. Call to make your reservation.

Elite Rewards members are invited to enjoy reserved parking.

As long as you lease or purchase your next vehicle from any TommyCar location, we will reimburse Elite members up to $250 for Elite members in lease turn-in excess mileage and damage charges.[9]

If your check engine light illuminates let our TommyCar service team assist you in diagnosing the problem. As a TommyCard Rewards member you can receive a free scan of your vehicle. Please call your service advisor in advance to reserve your evaluation.


Engine block and cylinder heads and all internally lubricated parts including pistons, piston rings, pins and cylinder sleeves; crankshaft, pulley, main bearings, caps and bolts; connecting rods, rod bearings, caps and bolts; camshaft(s), camshaft bearings, buttons and plugs; timing gears, chain or belt, and tensioner; rocker arms, rocker arm pivots, shafts and bushings; intake and exhaust valves, springs, guides, adjusters, retainers and seats; pushrods and lifters; intake manifold; exhaust manifolds; balance shaft; water pump; fuel pump; thermostat; oil pump, cover, gears, pressure relief valve and screen; rotor housing, rotors, shims and silent shaft; all internal fasteners, nuts and bolts; turbocharger/supercharger assembly including boost valve, boost pressure control, waste-gate, recirculation and blow off valve; oil pan; valve, timing and side covers; thermostat housing; water pump pulley; engine mounts; harmonic balancer; flex plate/flywheel and ring gear; seals and gaskets.

Drive Axle

Differential/axle housing ( s ) and all internally lubricated parts including the axle flange; ring and pinion gear/carrier assembly; spider gears and bearings; pins; retainers; positraction clutches, plates and springs; cover; 4x4 locking hubs and electric or vacuum actuator; constant velocity joints; slip joint; front wheel drive axles/half -shafts and wheel bearings; u -joints; couplings; flex disc; prop shafts; center support bearings; seals and gaskets.

Transmission / Transaxle

Transmission/transaxle case and all internally lubricated parts including ring and pinion gears; oil pump, cover, gears, housing and vanes; torque converter; valve body ( s ) ; throttle valve; valve pack; governor, gear and cover; parking gear and pawl; roll pins; sprags; sprockets; chain; springs; stator and shaft; pressure regulator valve; pressure switches; solenoids; bands; automatic transmission/transaxle clutch, drums, pistons and steel plates; planetary and sun gears; servos and rings; blockers; synchronizer hubs and keys; bearings; bushings; supports and shafts; control rings; yoke; extension housing; speedometer drive gears; accumulators and rings; adjusters; all internal fasteners, nuts and bolts; shift cover and forks; separate bell housing; transfer case and all internal parts contained within the transfer case; oil pan; detent cable; kickdown link; throttle cable; vacuum modulator; transmission mounts; seals and gaskets.

Additional Hybrid/Plug-In Electric/Hydrogen Components

Engine control computer, case and all internal parts; mounts; seals and gaskets. This includes the vehicle generator assembly, vehicle motor assembly, vehicle transaxle assembly and transmission input damper assembly.

Fluid Coverage

We will pay for replacement of necessary fluids, oils, greases, lubricants and approved A/C gases that must be replaced in conjunction with a repair of a Covered Part. THIS COVERAGE DOES NOT APPLY TO SHOP SUPPLIES.

Deductible= $100

**Please see dealership personnel for additional coverage, benefits, and exclusions**